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Check out past episodes of "Health Beyond Barriers" and find a wealth of knowledge from leading health professionals in five languages: English Spanish, Bosnian, Vietnamese, and Arabic. "Health Beyond Barriers" is produced in collaboration with LAMP, Language Access Multicultural People. To find the most recent episodes, visit our show page.

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Dementia - The Facts, courtesy of SLUCare Physician Group

Dementia English

Dementia Spanish

Dementia Arabic


Nutrition on a Budget, courtesy of Premier Health and Wellness, LLC

Nutrition English

Nutrition Spanish

Nutrition Bosnian

Nutrition Vietnamese

Nutrition Arabic


Preventing Prostate Cancer, courtesy of the Washington University School of Medicine

Prevent Prostate Cancer English

Prevent Prostate Cancer Spanish

Prevent Prostate Cancer Bosnian

Prevent Prostate Cancer Vietnamese

Prevent Prostate Cancer Arabic


Protecting Yourself Against Breast Cancer, courtesy of the Siteman Cancer Center

Protect Against Breast Cancer English

Protect Against Breast Cancer Spanish

Protect Against Breast Cancer Bosnian

Protect Against Breast Cancer Vietnamese

Protect Against Breast Cancer Arabic


“Regaining Your Health Naturally” courtesy of the Windmill Chiropractic Wellness Center

Regain Health English

Regain Health Spanish

Regain Health Bosnian

Regain Health Vietnamese

Regain Health Arabic


“Be Less Refined: Eat More Whole Grains” courtesy of the Siteman Cancer Center

Whole Grains English

Whole Grains Spanish

Whole Grains Bosnian

Whole Grains Vietnamese

Whole Grains Arabic


“Taking Care of Your Kidneys” courtesy of the National Kidney Foundation

Care for Kidneys English

Care for Kidneys Spanish

Care for Kidneys Bosnian

Care for Kidneys Vietnamese

Care for Kidneys Arabic 


“Poison Safety” courtesy of the Missouri Poison Center

Poison Safety English

Poison Safety Spanish

Poison Safety Bosnian

Poison Safety Vietnamese

Poison Safety Arabic


“Preventing Colon Cancer” courtesy of the Siteman Cancer Center’s Program for the Elimination of Cancer Disparities (PECaD)

Colon Cancer English

Colon Cancer Spanish

Colon Cancer Bosnian

Colon Cancer Vietnamese

Colon Cancer Arabic


“Cardiovascular Health” courtesy of SLUCare Physician Group

Cardiovascular English

Cardiovascular Spanish

Cardiovascular Bosnian

Cardiovascular Vietnamese

Cardiovascular Arabic


“Breast Cancer Awareness” courtesy of Susan G. Komen - St. Louis

Breast Cancer English

Breast Cancer Spanish

Breast Cancer Bosnian

Breast Cancer Vietnamese

Breast Cancer Arabic


“Understanding Depression” courtesy of the Mayo Clinic

Depression English

Depression Spanish

Depression Bosnian

Depression Vietnamese       

Depression Arabic


The Importance of Family Health Histories, courtesy of Erin Linnenbringer, MS, PhD

Family Health History English

Family Health History Spanish

Family Health History Bosnian

Family Health History Vietnamese

Family Health History Arabic


Cognitive Health

Cognitive English

Cognitive Spanish

Cognitive Bosnian

Cognitive Vietnamese

Cognitive Arabic