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 Art is for Everyone!

Audio Description uses nonvisual language to convey the visual world. It can direct a visitor through a museum, orient a listener to a work of art, or allow access to the visual aspects of a performance. 


For questions or to reserve a headset to an Audio Described show, contact Magan Harms at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 618-394-6449

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A view of an empty stage and auditorium at the Peabody Opera House as seen from above


The Magic of the Stage... 

Cinderella runs away, leaving her slipper behind.

Captain von Trapp tears a Nazi flag from his window.

Elphaba grabs a broomstick to “defy gravity.”


These are iconic scenes of theater, but for over 130,000 people in Missouri and an even greater number in Illinois, these experiences are impossible — at least until audio description.


A collage of patrons utilizing Audio Description Devices with the quote "Thanks to audio description, our whole family can enjoy the show."

MindsEye’s Audio Description means that every person who attends a theatre production, regardless of visual impairment, has the chance to experience a rewarding performance. The attendee borrows a headset, free of charge with a ticket, and listens as the MindsEye audio describer explains costumes, sets, and on-stage action. The audio describer is careful never to talk over the dialogue and to leave interpretation up to the listener.

AD Equipment and a program for Elephant & Piggie at the COCA

Audio description can be thought of as an additional narration track intended primarily for blind and visually impaired consumers of visual media, such as television and film, dance, opera, and the visual arts.

Students from Missouri School for the Blind stand with AD devices in the lobby of The Rep waiting for a performance of To Kill a MockingbirdTheaters who seek to be the bedrock of a community must serve the entire community, regardless of disability.

MindsEye provides audio description to underserved venues across the St. Louis area, since the fall of 2016. Venues include the Enterprise CenterStiefel Theatre, Chaifetz Arena, The Repatory Theatre, Mustard Seed Theatre, The Muny, COCA, and others.


Sue Bolen provides Audio Description for a show at the Muny